PBS Script Assistant

This tool is designed for both validation of resource selection, and can create a script to be saved and used for submission to PBS. It does not directly submit a job to PBS.
This tool does not cover every option, but most of the common ones. Some limits apply, see Allocation and Limits.


Start with the information that you know, and watch the tool build the rest. Watch the blue section to see the results as you move the sliders.
If you know the memory required, move the sliders and drop-downs to produce the required memory in the blue field.

You can usually choose less than the defaults provided; for example, 1 node / 1 core / 1GB.

Memory in the select line can be specified in MB instead of GB e.g. 1500mb. Edit your completed script if that is your choice.

Note: This tool designs scripts for use on the Ocelote system only. Scripts generated from here may not work on the legacy systems.

Memory Per Node
Cores (ncpus)

Script Builder

Do you want to build a script for the PBS directives? If so, fill in the next fields.
Required fields start with a *

Specify a name for the job * Alphanumeric, no spaces or special characters
Specify the group to be charged for time * Alphanumeric, no spaces or special characters
Do you need exclusive access to the node? Y = pack:exclhost N = pack:shared
Do you need a GPU? Y = gpu N = cpu only
How long will your job run? [hh:mm:ss]
Do you want output and errors in the same file? Yes
Is your application Java based? Yes

PBS Script

This is how the PBS directives for your script turn out